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Le Clos au Comte


Guernsey GY5 7QG

British Channel Islands

Company Reg.No. 50505

bPod Homes UK Ltd

15 Crescent Close

Winchester SO22 4EX

United Kingdom

Company Reg.No. 10430948

Business model

Buildpod International is not a building company but a building technology provider and enabler, positioned to become an international player in the construction sector.

The bPod® business model is based on international licensing of the patented bPod technology to established building contractors, manufacturers or contracting clients anywhere in the world where the bPod benefits can be realised.

We are therefore not competing for market share, but are instead offering existing businesses a new product to meet contemporary demands in support of their own market share.

Key people

Ole Henriksen is the creator of the international bPod business model, and the company’s founder and CEO. In 1983 he was a co-founder of software developer Borland International Inc, an international market leader in PC software. He worked in London from 1985 and has lived in Guernsey since 1993. He has created Buildpod International Ltd not as a building company but as a technology provider and enabler to the construction business – essentially a “software” supplier to “hardware” customers in the building trade. Among his key visions is the use of synergy to create a result greater than the sum of its parts, as was key to the success of Borland. As an experienced pilot, he is also keen to introduce to the building industry the safety culture which works so well in aviation.

Ole Bjerre is the inventor of the bPod building technology. He is a Danish architect with early experience in residential design and construction. He later created a business in sandwich panel production used in a range of industries, gaining considerable expertise in production management and development. Work in the building support industry eventually led to his invention of the bPod building technology which he patented and later sold to Buildpod International Ltd. He is now a consultant for the company on the development of his invention.

A company that cares

Buildpod International Ltd is committed to responsible corporate behaviour in relation to our customers, employees, business partners and the world at large. We conduct our operations according to applicable laws, accepted principles of good corporate practice and common decency.

The bPod commitment

Since we make our income from building activities mainly in developed countries, we are committing 10% of our annual profits to support sustainable housing in developing countries.


We value our customers and deal openly and honestly with them. We safeguard the information provided to us by our customers in accordance with applicable laws and contractual commitments. We are honest about the products and services we provide and will not intentionally misrepresent them.


We are an equal opportunities employer and recruit, employ and promote employees solely on the basis of their ability and commitment. We aim to provide our employees with safe and healthy working conditions and practices, and to enable them to work free from discrimination, harassment or bullying.

Business partners

We work to establish trust and mutually beneficial relations with our business partners. In our business dealings we expect our partners to respect our business principles as we respect theirs.

The world at large

We work to reduce the environmental impact of our activities as part of our goal of developing a sustainable business. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities through the application of green technologies and closely managed travel activities.










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