buildAbillionHomes is a concept currently in development which optimises the bPod® building system for super efficient mass production aimed at supplying the hundreds of millions of affordable quality homes so desperately needed all over the world.

buildAbillionHomes combines a flexible design with the proven economic and quality benefits of industrial mass production to meet those needs.

This brings to the building industry the large scale application of fully industrialised manufacturing which has never been done before.

The basic buildAbillionHomes unit provides a living space of just under 30 m². More room is achieved by connecting two or more units on a modular grid, resulting in home sizes of approximately 40 m², 50 m², 60 m², 70 m² and so on.

Simply put, this is “Live-In Lego” with all the benefits that mass production brings. With buildAbillionHomes, bPod aims to push savings on building costs beyond 30%, to 50% or more.

That was done with cars, TVs, fridges, computers and everything else we buy. Now it will be done with homes.

Industrial production means that the more standardised the product, the more efficient the use of facilities and manpower and the greater the savings. But that does not have to lead to drab and dreary concrete deserts, as shown in this light and airy buildAbillionHomes design by bPod architect Ole Bjerre. Other architects will no doubt add equally inspired designs to the buildAbillionHomes portfolio.

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