A thin wall panel is cast in concrete, possibly part or all of it in high-performance concrete for an even thinner panel. Pre-formed insulation panels are then attached to this panel, and together they make up a light, insulated wall element with one smooth side ready for decoration. The insulation on the other side allows for the installation of services and also contains channels for on-site casting of the load-bearing structure.

Separate elements are cast for floors, walls and ceilings. They are then assembled into room sized units, which we call “build pods” - or bPods for short - that may be subdivided with internal partition walls to create the required room layout. The bPods are then finished internally with all installations and decoration. All this takes place in factory conditions and is therefore independent of weather.

The finished bPods are transported to the building site where they are assembled one storey at a time, using a mobile or fixed construction crane. External facing elements are fitted, and more insulation is blown into the wall cavities. Steel reinforcements are then placed in channels in the insulation and the channels are filled with concrete to form the load-bearing columns and beams. This is done one complete storey at a time, avoiding vertical construction joints.

As each level of pods is added, built-in levelling screws ensure perfect levelling and maintenance of tolerances throughout the building, and guide brackets are used for accurate and safe assembly of the pods. 

The bPod system embodies lifts and staircases as well as installation cores for water, drainage, ventilation, power and communications.

Doors, windows and interconnections are installed in the factory, and the only on-site finishing necessary is the panelling of door and window gaps. Connection of services between each floor completes the building.

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The bPod® building process










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