Uniquely in concrete construction, the bPod technology allows insulation of multi-storey buildings to low energy standards. Reduced CO₂ emissions from heating the building can therefore offset the CO₂ produced in building it.

The concrete attributable CO₂ emission of bPod construction is less than 100 kg CO₂ per m² of finished floor area.

According to a Danish building industry report, the average CO₂ emissions from heating existing residential buildings exceeds 40 kg per m² per annum.

The time to offset the entire concrete related CO₂ footprint of a bPod building therefore depends on the level of energy efficiency chosen for the building, but is less than:

•    2 ½ years at 100% saving (Passive House)

•    5 years at 50% energy saving

  1.    10 years at 25% energy saving

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