Poor ventilation is leading to increasing mould problems in traditional construction, causing health problems for inhabitants as well as damage to buildings. In contrast, bPod® buildings are fitted with high efficiency mechanical ventilation to all rooms, preventing mould formation and reducing energy consumption. Mechanical ventilation with efficient heat recovery saves significant energy compared to “natural ventilation” where fresh air from outside is heated to room temperature.

The high degree of sealing used in bPod construction improves sealing between neighbouring apartments, greatly reducing odour nuisance and smoking related health risks.

Internal insulation between bPods furthermore provides efficient noise and thermal insulation, leading to a better living environment. This also enables different temperature zones within the building unlike traditional low energy construction.

Data show the building industry to be among the most dangerous and unhealthy industries for its workers. By performing most of the construction work indoors and at ground level, the bPod system removes the risks and strains associated with working at great heights, outdoors and in all weather. Safety throughout the building process is not optional but is achieved and maintained through systems and methods built into the bPod technology from the start.

Disaster resistance    

bPod’s tough column and beam load-bearing structure protects buildings in earthquake zones from pancaking, which often happens with panel constructions. It also enables bPod buildings to better resist other natural disasters such as hurricanes.

New-built nightmares and refurbished firetraps

With building defects sharply on the rise at one end of the scale and disasters like the Grenfell Tower fire at the other, “modern methods of construction” are beginning to get a reputation for shoddy or dangerous methods and materials.

In contrast, the focus on safety sets apart responsible technologies like bPod: safety of materials and methods; safety for the workforce and the occupants; safety built into the very fabric of the building.

Inspired by the aviation industry, the bPod process builds safety into every procedure and component, which makes safety integral to the process and not an optional extra.

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