The benefits of bPod construction compared to conventional construction are illustrated in the above diagram:

•    energy savings over the lifetime of the building

•    shorter time spent in construction

•    cost savings up to 30%  

•    better build quality

•    safer working conditions. 


Because the bPod technology allows higher thermal insulation than conventional multi storey construction, the energy consumption over the lifetime of a building can be greatly reduced or even entirely eliminated. So much energy can be saved on heating that the energy going into construction can be saved in a few years.


The bPod system can be manufactured efficiently because most of the build process takes place in factory conditions and can therefore be better managed and quality controlled than conventional building methods. Weather dependency is almost entirely eliminated. All this considerably reduces build time, thereby cutting both direct and finance costs.


The bPod system saves money overall due to savings on materials, manpower and time. In the bPod philosophy, this translates into building more. After all, do we build all we need or only what we can afford? We believe that we build what we can afford, and savings therefore means that the same money, manpower and other resources will be used to build more of what we need.


The bPod system results in a better building with fewer flaws. In use, the building will have better acoustic and thermal properties, and be healthier for people to live and work in.


Working on a building site is one of the most dangerous and backbreaking jobs around. With bPod, nearly all the work is done at floor level inside a factory where modern production aids and safety measures safeguard the workforce. The work that has to take place on the building site is reduced to a minimum and what’s left is free of ancient work practices. Safety throughout the building process is not optional but is achieved and maintained through systems and methods built into the bPod technology from the start.

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